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@LoringWine Company 2010 Garys’ Vineyard #PinotNoir #Wine (SRP $27 /375ml): I’m familiar with the producer, the vineyard, and the appellation (Santa Lucia Highlands) … so I knew what to expect; though a few of my guests was caught by surprise. This Pinot Noir is rich, ripe, and (fairly) in-your-face (bold) with generous dark cherry (pie filling), blackberry, sweet plum, and raisin flavors with a dash of black pepper and sweet spice. What it lacks in elegance and finesse, it makes up in lusciousness and deliciousness. In my experience, Brian Loring Pinot Noir wines are generally (pretty) big and balanced and are better consumed and enjoyed in their youth. For those of you who like riper style Pinot Noir wines and haven’t heard of this name – look it up and check out Brian’s story. It’s pretty grape! Cheers! #TheSlayerofCaliforniaPinotNoir #ThrashOn

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